Service Policy

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

We aim for near perfection with our services. If you’re not satisfied with the job we did, please notify us within 24 hours of service completion, and we’ll return and complete the job to your satisfaction.

Preparation For Your Appointment:

Prior to our arrival we ask that you clean out the interior of your vehicle by removing all your personal belongings from under the seats, cargo area or trunk, any compartments you would like us to clean. Locked compartments or compartments with personal belongings will not be emptied or cleaned by our by our crew. We do not clean or open the spare tire of vehicles unless you've removed your spare tire, tools, and other items in preparation for cleaning.

Estimated Arrival Time:

Our technician will give you a call to let you know if they're significantly off schedule (more than half an hour early or late). While we schedule for travel time, we can't control traffic conditions, and earlier customer appointments may take more time or less time than scheduled.

Service Liability:

In many cases damage is not noticeable due to the vehicles state prior to detailing, It is your responsibility to point out items that are fragile or no longer functional. We are not responsible for electrical or mechanical malfunction, scratches, swirl marks, dents, stains, tears in your cloth or leather seats and carpets, cracks or creases in leather seats, or any blemishes that may appear form the process of washing, drying, buffing, and cleaning your vehicle. If you clearly tell us what is wrong but we still managed to have a mishap, we will come to a solution that that is fair for both parties.

Safety Precautions:

Please do not ask our staff to:

  • Use ladders or your car wash supplies as we have carefully chosen the properequipment and supplies to perform service
  • Lift or move heavy items
  • Clean up human or pet waste, blood or body fluids
  • Restrain or move an aggressive or barking dog.

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